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Secondary Sugar Kills 

Did you know that sugar is addictive similarly to cocaine? Or that  that many types of baby formula have added sugar put into them? Learn about secondary sugar from Laurent Adamowicz, the founder of EChO, as he explains what secondary (or added) sugar is and why it's so bad for you.

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SugAR Poke & Fix your Diet for Good

Learn all about EChO's free phone app, SugAR Poke. Laurent gives a demonstration about what the app is as well as why it's so important in today's day and age. Don't let your store-bought salad dressing mess up your health! 

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Food Science for Public Health at Harvard University - Japan US Science Forum

Why does Japan have a lower rate of obesity than the United States? Where does this disparity come from and what can we do about it? Laurent Adamowicz, founder of EChO, explains all about different trends in Japan versus the U.S. in effort to understand what factors may be impacting our higher obesity rate.