New mobile app SugAR Mon allows parents and children to find out all the added sugars hidden in their food and beverages

Scan Barcode and find Mons for yourself today!
Want to be a sugar detective and help friends and family stay away from added sugar? SugAR Mon helps you find added-sugar-monsters lurking in your foods. Catch them all and win some cool prizes!

SugAR Mon functions very much like a popular game for catching monsters. Simply scan barcodes on any food or beverage in stores or at home to find out what added-sugar-monsters are inside!

Natural sugars that come from fruits, vegetables, legumes, and dairy are good for the body. Added sugars - those added to processed foods and beverages - are bad for our health; they have been linked to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

As you encounter more SugarMonsters, they will appear on your SugarDex and you will be able to track how many you have captured. As of the release of the app, there are 247 added sugars. You can collect them all and become a sugar detective!

Download SugAR Mon now and find the added sugars in the foods and drinks your friends consume and help them stay away from those monsters!

The SugAR Mon application is intended to provide information regarding added sugars for informational purposes only, and it should not serve as a medical assistance application. If you currently have or have had a history of eating disorders or if you have been diagnosed with any nutrition-related conditions, the SugAR Mon app may not be right for you. Please contact a doctor, a registered dietician, or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding your personal dietary needs.

For more information on added sugar, please visit the Added Sugar Repository and click the button below.

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