All About the Added Sugar Repository
Cally Neely, MGHIHP
Monday, November 20, 2017

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  1. The Hidden Truth About “Health Bars”
    10 Mar, 2018
    The Hidden Truth About “Health Bars”
    When people think of energy bars, they think CFH: Convenient, Fast, and Healthy. While health bars are quick and easy boosts of energy when one is in a rush, the latter assumption is up for debate. In 2016, Morning Consult Intelligence surveyed two thousand Americans and found that while 71% of the surveyed Americans regard granola bars as healthy, only 86 of the 310 surveyed nutritionists agreed. The same survey shows that Americans consider too much sugar as unhealthy (46% consider sugar a
  2. Which Chocolate is the Healthiest?
    14 Feb, 2018
    Which Chocolate is the Healthiest?
    Chocolate is one of the most delicious and oldest treats in the world. The Aztecs were the first to enjoy the beloved cacao bean, which they thought to be a gift from the gods! Thousands of years later, we still enjoy chocolate today in the form of syrup, drinks, baked goods, and chocolate bars. Today, also known as Valentine’s Day, is a day when 58 million pounds of chocolate are sold in the U.S. to be handed to your friends, family, and significant others. So what’s the big deal? Why are we,
  3. The Myth of Gatorade
    17 Jul, 2017
    The Myth of Gatorade
    Growing up at sporting events, Gatorade was a staple drink on the sidelines and almost always offered by the parents bringing post-game snacks. Kids will often drink a bottle to rehydrate and refuel after games and practices, but is Gatorade actually a good option for this purpose? Or even necessary to begin with? The answer is no. While it is billed as a necessity when partaking in sporting events, it is really just sugar water and should be avoided unless participating in long distance