"A Sweet Fairy Tale"

This musical initiative will educate the public on the dangers of added sugar and promote good nutrition habits. This work is modeled after Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf,” with the aim to introduce young listeners and their families to principles of nutrition through storytelling and the sounds of the symphony. EChO has partnered with the Eureka Ensemble, a group of musicians that uses classical music as a platform for social action. Librettist Kevin Hong has contributed to the construction of this project.

The first performances of "A Sweet Fairy Tale" took place in Fall 2018 at the Codman Academy and Cambridge Community Center. EChO plans to bring "A Sweet Fairy Tale" to all K-12 schools in Massachusetts and the United States. Check our campaign "Stop Added Sugars" to see how you can take action. Additionally, EChO will disseminate a video of “A Sweet Fairy Tale” performance along with educational material in public and private schools (K-12) of Massachusetts.

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Our Partners

Codman Square Health Center

The Daily Table

The driving force behind A Sweet Fairy Tale. They are a group of young professional musicians who use music as a platform for social action and community engagement. 
A community outpatient health center that opened in 1979, that continues to offer affordable and patient-centered preventative and primary care to one of the most vulnerable neighbors in Boston, MA. Codman serves over 22,000 patients each year, 87% of whom live below 200% of the Federal Poverty level.
A not-for-profit retail store that offers affordable, healthy food to its community. The prices are comparable to fast-food items, allowing for people to make healthier choices within their means.  The first store opened in 2015 in Dorchester, MA.